29 Benefits Pigeon Meat For Health
29 Benefits Pigeon Meat For Health

Benefits Pigeon Meat For Health – Beautiful, charming, smart, delicious, nutritious at the same time. Who is he? Dove. Yes, the beautifull bird with a short neck and a short slender beak. Animals belonging to this class of poultry and vertebrate animals can be found in almost all parts of the world.

The role of the Dove in the World

This bird has a loyalty and dedication that because of 1,500 years ago, this bird has been well known in the military who play the role of sending a written message like a postman. Not just his proud intellect. Pigeon meat was much selected people to serve as cuisine.

The Ins and Outs of Pigeon Meat Meat

Young pigeon or so-called squab (pigeon with age 28-30hari) become the most selected to be processed into a delicious dish. Squab is preferred for its relatively soft meat and relatively soft bones rather than adult pigeons. The difference in meat texture is also influenced by the environment in which the dove lives. Pigeons raised by raising the meat will be more tender than the pigeon that lives naturally.

Not only the deliciousness that attracts people to eat this beautiful. However, the properties contained in pigeon meat is also a reasonable reason to hunt for this one bird. Here are the benefits of pigeon meat for health that we can get.

Benefits Pigeon Meat For Health

Pigeon Meat Rich Protein

One of the ingredients found in pigeon meat is protein. The protein value of pigeon meat is quite high, reaching 17.5g / 100 gram of pigeon meat. This value is not much different from the protein of beef that is 18.8 g / 100gram meat. The benefits of protein for our body are many, including:

  1. As a builder substance in the body. Protein is useful as a builder substance in our body, and if consumed adequately, this protein can help the growth process of children and adolescents, because the protein needs as a builder substance in the body is met well.
  2. As a substance supporting the metabolism. This protein also serves as a supporting substance in every organ activity and metabolism.
  3. Improve the functioning of the immune system
  4. Healthy hair and nails
  5. Helps produce good enzymes for the body
  6. Helps reduce the chances of fatigue

Efficacy of pigeon meat as a source of protein is quite reliable for human health.

Pigeon Meat Has High Mineral Content

Some of the content of other minerals in pigeon meat has considerable benefits. Among these minerals, one of them is selenium. Here are some of the benefits of selenium in our body:

  1. Protect the body from free radicals
  2. Improve thyroid function
  3. Reduce the risk of joint inflammation
  4. Lowering the possibility of muscle pain
  5. Protects from skin discoloration
  6. Protects from hair color change
  7. Lowering the risk of inflicted cancer (some cancers)
  8. And reduce the risk of heart disease

Other minerals that carry the benefits of pigeon meat other than selenium are zinc. The following are some of the benefits of zinc for our body:

  1. Prevent skin diseases like warts
  2. Improve the functioning of the immune system
  3. Supports cell growth
  4. Increases wound healing
  5. Improve the ability of the sense of smell
  6. Normalize blood sugar levels
  7. Regulates metabolism
  8. Normalize appetite
  9. Reduce depression
  10. Supports healthy growth in children.

Good Pigeon Meat For Body Organs And Blood

In addition to the high protein content and minerals, other nutritional content in pigeon meat also has many benefits for our body, including:

  1. Optimize liver and kidney function
  2. Improve memory
  3. Lowering blood pressure
  4. Set blood sugar levels
  5. Improves brain intelligence.

In addition to Meat, Liver and Bone Pigeon Meat Also Helpful

  1. Not only the meat, it turns out the pigeon’s liver contains a lot of choline that can help the body use cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis (inflammation of the blood vessels).
  2. While in the pigeon bones there are substances that can increase the level of skin elasticity, and improve blood circulation.

Side Effects of Pigeon Meat

However, all that is nutritious is not necessarily good if consumed without regard to the condition. If consumed in excess of pigeon meat will also bring bad effects. The content of fat in pigeons, especially on the skin, high enough so not good if consumed in large quantities and not balanced with other nutritious foods.

Other benefits:

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Benefits Pigeon Meat For Health – After reading the nutritional content and the benefits of pigeon meat owned by this beautiful bird, are you interested to consume it? Good pigeon processing, as well as other food intake as a nutritional counterweight is the best choice for us who want to consume it. Moreover, coupled with sports and a healthy lifestyle, our body will get maximum benefit from all we consume.


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