3 Ways Invisalign Itero Aids the Teeth Straightening Process

It was only a matter of time before digital technology spread into almost every facet of living in the modern age – from the day-to-day workplace to health and dental treatments. The patient has been the main winner having access to a wider array of treatment methods, equipment and materials.

One such successful introduction into the dental industry is the highly advanced digital scanning technology used in orthodontic treatments. Treatments that make use of digital scanning improve patient experience. As the technology helps patients to know what to expect, their confidence in their treatment plan is given a boost.

How This Technology Is Used

Available dental technology has made it possible to streamline corrective treatment processes, such as straightening crooked teeth in patients young and old.

For patients on treatments requiring dental braces, much valuable time could be lost with dental practitioners having to take impressions of a patient’s mouth before the correct appliance could be made.

Now with patients opting for invisible braces, the advent of digital scanners can save patients this valuable time.

For these clear braces treatment plans, computer technology can be used simply to create the required model of a patient’s teeth and gum structure in 3D, offering better accuracy and comfort in the end product.

With the old method of producing teeth impressions, patients would often find themselves having to make multiple visits to the dental practitioner’s office to get measurements correct.

This is no longer the case and patients also find that these dental impression visits are quicker with less time being spent in the dentist’s office.

With a 3D image, patients can see what the detailed dental impression looks like in real time. There are additional advantages offered to patients looking for Invisalign Itero in London.

  • Discomfort is minimised, with the feeling of gagging eliminated, no unpleasant taste and no difficulties in breathing properly.
  • There is no exposure to radiation to worry about, as the technology uses a laser to create the impression, the method is much safer.
  • Treatment is implemented much more quickly.

How Digital Scanning Improves Generating Dental Impressions

  1. A wand-like instrument is waved over the patient’s teeth and gums to capture images that are used in producing dental impressions. This eliminates the need for the application of messy powders.
  2. Results of scans can be viewed right away on a digital screen and the three-dimensional model is sent directly to a computer responsible for generating a model of the dental appliance required. This streamlines the process by promoting shorter appointment times.
  3. 3D scans offer a higher degree of precision and dental practitioners can ensure the clarity of images before impression models are created.

How do patients view improvements in dental treatments and procedures? A recent consumer oral health survey conducted by Simplyhealth sheds some light. Statistics revealed that 89 per cent of patients in the UK had trust in the dentist and treatment received and 81 per cent acknowledged they had received value for money.

Contact a dental clinic for further information on clear removable braces or how the features of new digital scanning technology can benefit treatment processes. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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