Health Benefits of Catfish – The benefits of catfish (in Latin called Clarias) is a question that often comes to mind. Is it true that the benefits of catfish so good for your health? What are the nutrients you can get from eating catfish?

Yes … catfish is now the most common type of freshwater fish you meet in the market. Because catfish can provide excellent benefits, especially for the growth of the fetus in pregnant women, both for the growth of toddlers, but also because the price is very affordable.

Catfish is also good for your heart health as it is a low-fat protein source. Not infrequently in the electronic media aired various ways of processing catfish so it has a better selling point, in addition to as a variation menu. Most catfish that are sold in the market are catfish from Clarias Batrachus L type, because they contain more meat.

Here are the various benefits of catfish for health that we can get.

Health Benefits of Catfish

1. As a source of Protein

Catfish is a freshwater fish that can be a source of animal protein is quite high, which is about 20%. The specialty of protein contained in fish is because the protein in fish not only serves to increase the amount of protein you eat but at the same time can complement the quality of protein that is in your diet.

In the catfish protein contain all essential amino acids lysine, methionine and leucine with higher protein content when compared with protein in milk and meat. You need to know that almost 80% of freshwater fish contain protein with high levels of cystine and methionine.

Leucine is useful for helping the growth process in children, is also useful for the formation and reshuffle of muscles. Lysine helps the child’s growth process, while in the process of treating herpes disease lysine is needed which will be the skeleton for niacin.

2. Rich Phospor

Phospor content in catfish reaches 168 mg / 100 gram proved higher than that found in eggs that only 100 mg. Phospor is useful to give strength and energy in fat and starch metabolism, to support gum and tooth health, to help sistesis of DNA, and to help the absorption / use of calcium Phospor also more need of pregnant mother because it is useful for bone formation in fetus.

If the intake of phosphorus in pregnant women is less, then the fetus will take phospor from mother bone. This is the cause of osteophorosis.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Comparison of potassium and sodium in catfish reaching 24.5: 1 is also quite high so it is very good for the health of cardio and your blood vessels. Terms of a food is said to be good for heart health is if the ratio of potassium to sodium more than 5: 1. Potassium serves as:

  1. Helps in controlling blood pressure
  2. As a CO2 cleaner (carbon dioxide) contained in the blood
  3. As a trigger of nerves and muscle work.
  4. If present at high levels, it can launch oxygen delivery to the brain
  5. Smooth the balance of fluid levels in your body.

4. Low fat

Fat contained in catfish is a fat with a simple nature, that is neutral triglycerides. Low fat is abundant in the abdomen, especially in the lower fish body and contained in the fish liver. There is also a complex fat. Because of low fat cholesterol can indirectly come under pressure.

5. Rich Omega 3

Useful to assist in the process of fetal brain development in pregnant women. Also important for the development of baby’s vision and nervous function.

6. Short Protein Sources

This result in catfish meat easier to digest by your body and very safe for the digestive system of the body, if you want to consume meat that is easy to digest, catfish become the main choice.

Other benefits:

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Health Benefits of Catfish – Benefits of catfish is very famous for pregnant women, omega 3 and protein content is very high to make this fish into a nutritional warehouse required by pregnant women and their fetus. In addition catfish, also a very good fish to prevent various cardiovascular diseases such as heart and keep blood vessels remain good.


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