A Beautiful Smile

Everyone dreams of a beautiful smile. Good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with the dentist Richmond are essential to maintain optimal oral health and overall well-being.

A healthy mouth increases self-confidence and not only encourages bigger smiles, but positively impacts all aspects of life, including self-esteem, social life and even professional performance. There are many different issues which can affect the aesthetics of teeth.

These include problems such as staining and discolouration, crooked or wonky teeth, protruding teeth, overcrowding and misalignment. These issues can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, they can affect self-confidence, they can affect brushing efficacy and result in further dental issues in the future.

General Dental Treatments

Daily oral hygiene routine at home may not always be sufficient in maintaining optimal dental health and if teeth are left unchecked by the dentist it may result in many different types of dental problem.

Common dental issues include bad breath and sensitivity, cracked or broken teeth, tooth decay, gingivitis, (which is inflammation and infection of the gums), periodontitis, which is severe infection of the gums and even tooth loss. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that these issues are prevented before they are able to present themselves. General dental treatments include fillings, crowns and bridges and also treatments such as root canal therapy for when dental pulp may be damaged or infected.

Teeth Whitening

Over the course of life, despite regular brushing at home, staining and discolouration may affect the aesthetics of the teeth. Staining can occur for many different reasons, most commonly poor dental hygiene. Smoking is another major cause of staining.

Food and drinks such as tea and coffee are common factors for discolouration, as well as natural staining which can occur as a result of age and genetics. Yellow teeth can be a commonly faced issue, but it can still be uncomfortable and embarrassing and because of this teeth whitening is one of the most common and well researched cosmetic treatments in dentistry. Tooth whitening at the dentist in an effective way of lightening the natural colour of the teeth and enhancing the beauty of the smile.

Veneers For Teeth Whitening

Veneers are becoming increasingly popular and serve as a permanent solution for tooth staining. Porcelain veneers have been found to show excellent aesthetic results. They involve reshaping the teeth slightly so that the veneer can be attached perfectly without increasing the overall size of the teeth.

Veneers can be used to whiten the smile without having to worry about discolouration as they are stain resistant and therefore do not need to be whitened. Veneers are also used in the case of a chipped or cracked tooth as they cover the entire front surface of the tooth.  Veneers can be used singly or as a set to help enhance the smile by providing symmetry and aligning the remaining teeth.

They have the same light reflecting properties as natural teeth for those interested in a more natural look and they enhance and improve the mouth altogether according to personal requirements. Alongside cosmetic treatment, veneers are also used in the treatment of damaged enamel too and ultimately result in a more beautiful and happier smile.

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