Definitive technologies that have shaped the dental industry

The relentless advancements in technology continue to shape how people live today; how they communicate, learn, work and play, and take care of our health. One area in healthcare that has seen remarkable changes in a comparatively short space of time is oral health.

More than ever before, many have begun to take a greater interest in oral health and how best to protect the natural life and function of teeth. Dental treatments have become more accessible, faster and easier and more patient-centred than before.

Great leaps in technology have improved the efficacy of treatments such as dental implants Windsor, returning the full health and function of the mouth.

Dental Developments That Have Changed The World Of Dentistry

Modern dentistry is the combination of technology, science and art, giving dental experts the space and creativity to design solutions that not only treat dental conditions, but in many instances, prevent the onset of them too. Some of these industry-defining tools, techniques and processes include:

Digital Scans

The development of digital imaging technology grants dental practitioners a more detailed look at the mouth’s inner structures. Highly accurate measurements are needed to custom-design dental tools like bridges and dental crowns, and digital scanning impressions substitutes the need for messy moulds that would be time-consuming to produce.

Power-Operated Dental Tools

Power toothbrushes hold a massive advantage over manual toothbrushes in that they can accomplish a greater degree of cleanliness when it comes to dental hygiene. Powerful oscillating and vibrating toothbrush heads can eliminate more bacteria, food particles to a greater degree and prevent the accumulation of plaque that cannot be equalled with the brushing strokes of the hand.

Laser Dentistry

With laser dentistry, dental practitioners can offer patients minimally invasive dental treatments that are virtually pain-free and that allow for greater degree of precision in restoring oral health. Treatments that involve reshaping gums and whitening teeth are incredibly effective when using laser technology.

Tray-Based Orthodontics

Teeth straightening has also seen changes, being introduced to give orthodontic patients more choice in how they transform their smiles.

Adult patients, in particular, have welcomed exciting developments like the removable barely visible tray-based braces to align teeth into position. The premier brand, Invisalign, has won hearts – to date, 10 million patients across the globe thanks to this aligners comfortable use and efficacy in straightening smiles.

Accessing orthodontic solutions may have become easier and more convenient but the General Dental Council (GDC cautions against investing in teeth straightening without the supervision of a registered and qualified dentist).

Tooth Implants

One-size-fits-all solutions have become outdated in the dental industry, where patients prioritise custom-designed and personalised treatment plans. Take the case of tooth replacement implants that has quickly become the go-to solution for dental restoration. Patients with a single missing tooth or all of their natural teeth missing can opt for tooth implants and restore the function of their mouths and look of their smiles.

Modern oral implants achieve a higher level of stability and efficacy, as dental practitioners have learnt much about the osseointegration process and how to facilitate the process for quicker healing.

The need for life-long oral health is fundamental to maintain physical and mental wellbeing, so it is fortunate that developments in the dental industry have made receiving dental care easy and accessible.

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