Dental Implants Your Route To Well-Being And Satisfaction

Using digitised procedures Dental implants St Albans is able to create a virtual duplicate of a patient’s hard and soft tissue in the mouth. By creating digital images the amount of dentist chair time is reduced and the need for multiple and unpleasant tasting impression materials is eliminated. This also reduces the occurrence of errors by having to make assumptions and numerous impressions. The digital image contributes to a greener environment because it can be easily stored and does not require the disposal of plastic trays and impression material which would pollute landfill. The shorter duration of the patient’s time in the chair is beneficial to those patients who have an aversion to dentists by making them feel more confident in the treatment.

Methodical And Precise Implant Planning

As a patient you need to know that your treatment is being properly planned and as this is the most important stage of having dental implants you want to be confident that you are getting the best available. The use of 3D imagery allows for accurate design that compliments the patients dental architecture. This is how your dentist will be able to decide on the correct implant position and if there is any need for any hard or soft tissue enhancement.

Visual And Functional

Dental implants satisfy two functions and while the treatment provides the confidence to smile broadly it is vitally important that the implant satisfies a fully functional role. Speaking and eating will be improved and the jaw bone will be revitalized which will prevent any further bone loss. Dental implants allow the patient to enjoy a proper eating regime by allowing for the natural mastication of food. In addition a tooth that has been lost will cause a gap which can result in a part of the structure of the face being affected. A dental implant will correct this by

providing support and strengthening adjacent teeth stopping them from becoming misaligned.

Dental Implants The Future

Populations around the world are living longer unfortunately people are not retaining their teeth in the same ratio. Dentistry is now focused on permanent teeth replacement, prioritising the need for aesthetics and functionality which a complete mouth of teeth provides. Located in St Albans we are providing an ever increasing service to more and more patients. In many cases new technology is showing that it is becoming progressively common to remove a decaying tooth and to replace it, this will preserve the bone mass and promote regeneration. Due to an increase in demand for greater restoration diversity there are more innovative implant designs and multiple abutment connections. Due to technological advancements and improved materials which have improved the longevity of implants, younger patients are now also being considered for this type of treatment.

Maintenance Is The Key

It’s important to remember that to ensure proper maintenance of a patients teeth including all restorations requires all parties to play their part.

The dentist expects his patient to visit at least every six months at which time a full inspection will be carried out. At this visit the dentist will refer the patient to the hygienist who will check for at least an 85% plaque control, failing this is when a cleaning will be done. The patient needs to stick to a regular thorough cleaning regime. Combined these timely activities will ensure the longevity of natural teeth and all restorations.

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