Digital Marketing For Dental Practices

Advances in digital technology mean that dental marketing is now easier and more effective than traditional marketing techniques. With a click of a button, you can reach thousands of people who are interested in addressing their dental needs. You must make the most of this and create a strong online presence for your dental practice to attract quality patients who are interested in addressing their dental needs but require further encouragement or information to make sure that they do so with you.

Your dental marketing campaign needs to include a fully completed and up-to-date Google My Business page, a modern and bespoke dental website, a strong collection of Google reviews and ratings, links to other authoritative websites and an exciting, engaging social media page. All of these together will help you achieve a strong online presence, giving prospective patients plenty of opportunities to find out more about you and your dental practice, contact you as necessary and visit you in person to address their dental needs.

Google My Business

Firstly, you need to create and complete a Google My Business profile; this will put your dental practice on the map for dental practices in your area. Prospective patients will be able to find all your important information on this page, including contact details, opening times and the treatments that you have to offer. This is important for local search engine optimisation, and by optimising your profile, you can boost your position in the list of dental practices in your area. The higher you are listed, the greater chance there is of patients clicking on your website and eventually booking an appointment with you.

Website for your dental practice

On your Google My Business profile, patients should find a link to your website. This website needs to be modern, bespoke and highly personalised to tell patients more about your dental clinic and why they should address their dental needs with you rather than the other clinics in your area.

Most dental websites have the same factual information; therefore, personalising your website will help you stand out from your competitors. To help personalise your website, you need to include plenty of pictures, videos and messages from yourself and your team, addressing patients directly and allowing them to familiarise themselves with you. This will make them feel more comfortable booking an appointment to see you in person. A good dental website must have a section that addresses nervous patients directly since dental anxiety and phobia are very common amongst the adult population in the UK.

Social media

To help your patients further familiarise themselves with you, you should have a link to your social media page on your website. Social media is an excellent method of interacting with prospective and current patients on an informal basis, and it helps build trust and credibility, encouraging patients to visit you in person and address their dental needs.

Speak to a digital dental marketing team today, and learn more about dental marketing and how you can make the most of your dental marketing campaign to help boost the success of your dental practice.

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