Encouraging Better Oral Health With A Good Patient Attraction System

The majority of dental practices have a dental website which advertises their treatments and procedures and encourages people to visit their dentist on a regular basis.

With most practices offering similar treatments and procedures it’s important to have a good patient attraction system in place, which helps you stand out from the crowd and encourages your visitors to address their oral health by visiting you in person.

Personalisation of your website is very important in developing an effective patient attraction system. The majority of adults are reluctant to some extent to visit the dentist, with many experiencing dental phobia and avoiding the dentist all together.

You can help by addressing your patients and making them feel as if you are speaking to them directly. By increasing their confidence in the dentist and easing their fears or phobias you can encourage the general public to look after their teeth better.

You can encourage them to address their dental issues which they may have been avoiding for years, to make sure they keep their natural teeth for longer, and for those with healthy teeth, encourage them to consider cosmetic dentistry to help enhance their smile further.

To assist potential patients in familiarising themselves with both yourself and your team, it is important to include plenty of photographs of you smiling happily and confidently with your beautiful and perfect teeth.

By including messages from yourselves addressing the patients, as well as videos introducing yourselves or talking about the importance of oral health, or different treatments and procedures at your practice, you will help the reader feel engaged and comfortable, and build trust between them and your team.

Adding photographs and videos of your dental practice and a 3D virtual tour where possible, will help your potential patients familiarise themselves with the practice itself.

Content Marketing And Keywords

Other ways to increase website traffic and attract new patients to your dental practice include content marketing. This involves researching which dental terms are of interest in your area.

By using specialised software to find out which keywords are most commonly searched for with regard to dentistry in your area, you can then tailor your website to focus on these keywords.

For example, if dental implants are of interest in your area, then you can incorporate dental implants into your homepage, by mentioning that this is a procedure which is commonly carried out at your dental practice.

You can dedicate a whole page on dental implants, including photographs and videos of dental implants being carried out at your dental practice and you can create articles on dental implants to add to your website on a regular basis.

This will keep your visitors informed and nurture the idea in them that having dental implants at your dental practice is the right choice for them. According to market research you can change the issues on which you focus on a regular basis, or you may choose to showcase multiple keywords at the same time.

Find an award-winning digital dental marketing team to help implement these ideas for you and also teach you about the many different types of strategies that there are, to help create an effective patient attraction system for your dental practice.

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