For Patients’ Who Wish To Avoid Obvious Orthodontics

Within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry, many patients’ may be unaware of the many (and ever-increasing) orthodontic appliance options which avoid the appearance of obvious metal dental work within the mouth!

Despite traditional metal braces (also commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as ‘conventional braces’) producing undeniably effective dental results for many patients, many modern dental clinics are now striving to answer the ever-growing demand for more discrete appliances!

Introducing Incognito In Weybridge.

Are you an individual who is searching to amend the appearance of their smile (whether this is general crookedness or misalignment of the teeth or even more severe front protrusion of the teeth) but do not wish for the obvious appearance of metal braces?

Then Incognito braces could be the perfect solution for your smile! Many individuals may be familiar with the word ‘discrete orthodontics’ however they may be unsure of the exact alternatives to traditional metal braces many modern dental clinics are now choosing to offer their patients’!

Getting To Know Incognito Braces.

Incognito braces in Weybridge are deemed as an innovative orthodontic system which produces effective results for the patient’, whilst looking fantastic within the mouth! Many patients’ may immediately think of visible metal dental work when ‘orthodontics’ comes to mind, however the modern world of dentistry has far more to offer!

Incognito braces are described as the “modern alternative to traditional metal braces” whilst possessing invisibility within the mouth, but what more do these braces have to offer.

What Makes Incognito Braces So Unique?

Incognito braces are considered as a new generation of orthodontic braces which are suitable for patients of all ages (and therefore not just adults who wish to avoid obvious metal dental work!).

Did You Know?

Incognito braces are the first appliance system consisting of a completely personalised lingual bracket design which is used to amend the misaligned appearance of an individual’s smile, whilst producing effective, and therefore long-lasting dental results! Incognito appliances not only consist of custom-made archwires (which therefore fit perfectly to the individual’s smile) however they also enforce tailor-made dental brackets and bonding trays which are designed to deliver targeted dental results!

Incognito Appliances Possess An Extensive Array Of Benefits.

In addition to their tailor-made nature, Incognito appliances also fit snugly behind the individual’s row of teeth, which therefore makes for an extremely comfortable treatment experience!

Many individuals may lean more towards this particular orthodontic appliance initially due to their invisible appearance which makes it impossible for anyone to know you’re wearing braces, apart from you and your orthodontist! In addition to their welcoming subtle appearance which many patients’ may lean towards, these appliances also promote convenience too! Individuals can wear these appliances whilst eating, drinking, and cleaning without removal, whilst producing effective dental results patients’ are extremely happy with!

Embracing The Latest Advancements Within Dental Technology.

Incognito braces embrace three-dimensional dental technology which allows the patient to take a sneak-peak at their potential orthodontic results! This system can produce a realistic image of the patients’ potential results with high accuracy!

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