Gain straighter teeth with Invisalign St Albans

Those living with misaligned or crooked teeth are very aware of the daily hardship and discomfort they may have to live with, leading them to live with poor oral health and hygiene in many cases. The simple task of brushing the teeth to keep them clean can become hard work in the mind of a person living with misaligned teeth, as they may find it difficult to move a toothbrush around the mouth, gums, and teeth making it hard to clean all areas of the mouth evenly.

Many adults who are living in the UK with crooked teeth find that they wish they could make a change and have perfectly aligned teeth but believe wrongly that they are too old to receive tooth alignment treatment, as we tend to believe that these types of treatments are only offered to teenaged children. However, in more recent years there have been efforts to create tooth alignment treatments that are suitable for adults.

Invisalign St Albans, is a modern solution that aims to offer adults the tooth alignment treatment they desire, whilst being discrete. The developers of this treatment also guarantee that patients will gain the great results that they should be able to get from any treatments they receive.

Nothing To See Here

The common barrier to most people receiving tooth alignment treatment in their teenage years revolved around the way that alignment treatments of the past looked once in place, Invisalign directly addresses the issue of how alignment treatment looks. The aim is to give patients a discrete treatment that will not be seen by other people, all the time the patient can be confident that they are receiving the treatment they desire and it will result in them having straighter teeth.

This aligner is created from two-layer of strong, durable, and clear plastic, giving it the ability to disappear once in place in the patient’s mouth. This aligner fits over the teeth, rather than around the teeth like the metal and wire braces that most people hear about when they are younger.

Preparing Properly Before Starting Treatment

Just with any medical treatment, it is important for any patient to take the time to prepare properly, this may begin with a consultation with an orthodontist or dentist. It must be recognised that tooth alignment treatment can increase the risks posed by common dental issues, such as tooth decay, plaque build-up, or gum disease, for this reason, it is vital that a patient tries to increase the standards within their oral health and hygiene via brushing and flossing.

Any patient who is considering being treated with Invisalign must also have a full oral examination to have their needs fully assessed, this will help to create the custom aligners that will be used in the individual’s treatment.

Treatment will normally last between twelve and eighteen months, it will also make use of a series of aligners that are changed every two weeks, and each plays its own role in the alignment treatment. By the end of the treatment, the patient will have the perfectly aligned teeth they are looking for and a far higher standard of oral health.

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