How To Prepare For Invisalign Luton

Clear braces have become the best means of teeth straightening for many. This is because they are an orthodontic treatment that is invisible to others; which means that the usual concern about feeling self-conscious about wearing braces is no longer an issue. The time required is usually less than what is needed for more traditional forms of braces; and patients often find that discomfort is minimal. For those who have decided to opt for Invisalign Luton, here is a guide on how to prepare for treatment.

Learn How To Clean Properly

Many people are surprised to discover that just using a toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day might not be enough to keep the teeth thoroughly clean. While this is important in general for good oral health, keeping the teeth and gums as clean as possible during treatment with Invisalign is even more vital.

This is because, if there is food debris left on the teeth after meals before the aligners are put back in, the result can be the formation of cavities and even some staining. Placing the trays over teeth that have bits of food remaining means that the food is pressed into the teeth; making it more likely than usual that there be dental issues.

Therefore, before starting treatment, it is important that patients learn how to brush the teeth as efficiently as possible. If there is any doubt about how to do this, it is best to consult with the dental professional.

Purchase A Travel Toothbrush

It is a good idea to buy a small travel toothbrush so that life can continue as normal. Patients do not have to stay at home all the time to be able to brush their teeth after each meal; they just need to ensure that they have the ability to do so while out and about. A travel toothbrush will make the whole process much easier.

Stick To The Water

It is important that the only beverage that is consumed whilst wearing clear braces is water. This is because the soft plastic from which they are made can become stained if the patient chooses other drinks. If the aligners become stained, they will no longer be invisible to others; which would negate one of the main benefits of this kind of braces. The teeth underneath could become stained too, which could cause a less than desirable result when the treatment is complete.

Get Some Dental Wax

Although invisible braces are one of the most comfortable ways to correct misaligned teeth, there is a small amount of discomfort to be expected. This is particularly true during the first few weeks of wearing the aligners. Dental wax can help to ease any parts of the mouth which are a little irritated by the introduction of this new hardware.

Use A Case

It is important to use the case that comes with the aligner trays when they are removed for eating. This ensures that the trays retain their shape and quality and makes it easier to find them when needed. The case also helps the patient to maintain cleanliness.

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