Search Engine Results Position: The Only Way Is Up!

If you’ve been hoping to find your dental practice’s website at the top of the search engine results page – numero uno! – then you may have been sadly disappointed when this didn’t happen after clicking the ‘Publish’ button. In fact, page 1 may feel like the Biblical behemoth you cannot get past from your lowly position several pages later. The fact is, hitting the top spot requires Dental Marketing know-how. Enlisting the support of a specialist marketing team can quickly turn your frown upside down and elevate you to the lofty heights of page 1 before you can say, ‘Why didn’t I do this earlier?’

What A Marketing Team Can Do

First up, a marketing team will ensure that your website is going to stand out from the crowd. In a sea of websites, you need yours to be the pearl in the oyster that nobody wants to miss. A marketing company that specialises in dentistry could be the most effective team to recruit as they will understand compliance and how to really sell a dental practice.

Dental Focus is a multi-award winning dental marketing team that has vast experience in creating great websites.

They have a 7P’s approach to creating websites that catch the attention of users in the first 5 seconds before they leave the landing page. The 7P’s involves the Profile, People, Premises, Prices, Promises, Proof and Products. The Profile highlights the dental practice’s unique selling points as soon as people land on the page.

They can then start to build relationships from the website with the staff as they read about those who work at the practice. They can also get a feel for the dental practice’s premises from the website, allowing them to imagine being at the practice before they have visited, which can be particularly reassuring for nervous patients.

The transparency of Prices can reassure patients, especially when they read about what treatments are on offer and the Proof of previous patients’ treatment. Finally, branded Product packages can also allow users to envisage how their treatment will work and how long it will take. Ultimately, when they have searched for a dental practice, they want treatment for something and a website can anticipate this.

SEO Marketing

Once there is a great website, the marketing team can then do search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing to improve the position of your website on the search engine’s results pages. They do this by analysing the keywords commonly searched for in relation to your business and ensure that your website, social media and blog posts include these keywords to elevate your website on a search engine’s results page.

Dental Focus has helped to elevate many dental practices to the number one position, below paid for Ads on Google. Through SEO marketing, your practice will organically grow in popularity with prospective patients, rather than being pushy through paid for advertisement top-spots and this can see an increase in conversions to patients in your practice. On average, Dental Focus records a conservative figure of 5-10 new patients a month for dental practices.

So, if you’re considering promoting your dental practice to increase patient numbers, why not contact a dental marketing specialist team who can take the pressure of promoting your business off you and allow you to concentrate on what you’re in the business for, creating great smiles!

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