Tackling The Problem Of Dental Decay With Proactive Lifestyle Habits And Your Dentist Harley Street

Just how big a cause for concern is tooth decay in the UK? Taking a look at official statistics it is clear why many health authorities consider dental decay, especially in children, a troubling public health concern.

NHS statistics point to one in three adults in England with dental carries and Public Health England (PHE) research suggests that one in every eight three-year-old’s has decaying teeth. With such large numbers of tooth decay experienced, it is worth taking a look at some of the causes that have contributed to the problem.

Lifestyle As A Contributing Factor Of Rampant Tooth Decay

Right at the very top of the list of causes would be lifestyle choices. It seems that what we eat and drink is the root of our tooth decay problem. The main culprit here appears to be the unhealthy amounts of sugar that we put into our bodies on a daily basis. A look at just what we are consuming in our modern diets shows why this is: quick and easy access to fast food that has low nutritional value, sugar-laden beverages including fruit juices and energy drinks, sweets, chocolates and heavy-on-the-sugar baked goods.

It is because of our diets that lean on the sugary and high acidic side that have prompted public health authorities such as the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) to call for measures that curb the consumption of too much sugar. These measures range from encouraging healthier lifestyles through initiatives such as Change4Life (in England and Wales) as well as the ‘Eat Better, Feel Better’ programme (in Scotland) to the imposing of the sugar tax on soft drinks to calling for clearer labelling of ingredients on food packaging.

How To Live Healthier To Protect Teeth

The good news is that tooth decay is a preventable problem provided that we take the necessary steps to protect oral health. Towards this aim, regular dental check-up visits at the Dentist Harley Street is a non-negotiable measure. The all-important dental check-up allows a dental professional the opportunity to identify red flags that indicate the presence of tooth decay. Preventive dentistry measures remain one of the best ways to protect teeth against decay.

Healthier living starts with making better life-promoting choices when it comes to diet and behaviour. Health experts have long been urging the public to: quit smoking, limit over-indulgent alcohol use, get more physical and improve nutritional intake.

An easy place to start is to be more careful when it comes to diet and to choose foods and beverages that are kinder to teeth. This would mean opting for fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, protein, good fats and healthy dairy choices. Cheese has been found to be very effective in limiting the exposure of teeth to acid from the foods and beverages we consume.

In addition to this, strict adherence to at-home oral hygiene practices is also highly recommended. For the best techniques on how to brush and floss properly, it is a good idea to consult a dental practitioner. Harley Street Dental Clinic has a highly competent team of friendly dental professionals who can advise on dental treatments to ensure optimal oral health.

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