Taking The Leap With The First Appointment At A Dentist In Chelsea.

What To Expect During Your First Visit.

Understanding the patient both as a person and in terms of their dental history is extremely important for any dental practice and therefore takes priority during the first appointment at a Dentist in Chelsea.

Whilst you may not think understanding the patient is that important, for the dental team it is as it helps them work with the patient in a way that suits the individual.

For instance, if the patient is nervous then the dental team needs to know this and will adjust their approach to each appointment going forward in whatever way possible.

This may include explaining every single treatment or procedure no matter how basic or putting music on in the background. The patient’s oral hygiene requires teamwork from the patient and dental practice and therefore understanding the patient is paramount.


Once this has been established and any concerns by the patient have been discussed, a thorough examination will be carried out to assess what the current situation is with the individual’s dental health. This will start with a physical examination of the teeth and gums.

This not only enables the dental team to see the condition of the teeth and gums, but also to examine any dental work that may have previously been carried out including fillings, crowns, bridges or any other potential dental treatments or procedures.

This examination is of extreme importance as not only does it show previous dental work carried out but also enables the dental team to take note of any downfalls within the patient’s oral hygiene methods.

If there is room for improvement, no matter how minor, then it is important that this be addressed early on and therefore the physical examination will highlight all of the potential areas that need addressing.


Along with a review of the patient’s medical history, a series of screenings will be carried out including one on the health of the gums and one for oral cancer.

Whilst this may sound rather serious it is an important aspect to each patient’s first appointment as it helps rule out these problems or in some cases, highlight the problems and ensure that a plan is put in place to treat and reduce the possibility of further damage.

Following a plan of preventive dentistry is key for most dental practices around the world as it reduces the need for more serious treatments and procedures which is why these processes from the outset are of great importance.

Nervous Patients

For those of a nervous disposition towards visits to the dental practice, it is important that they make the dental team aware from the moment they begin booking their appointment. By taking this important step the practice can ensure that they work with the patient to the best of their ability throughout each appointment ensuring that regular appointments are attended despite the nerves.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures can carry potential risks and therefore it is advised that all patients seek further information and advice on any mentioned in this article with their local dental team.   

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