The Benefits Of Invisible Braces

Teeth straightening is an important dental procedure. Braces straighten and align teeth for both aesthetic and dental health reasons.

They are used for the treatment of dental conditions, such as underbites, malocclusions, gaps between teeth, and various other conditions. They are often used alongside other orthodontic treatments, such as palate widening.

Recent technological developments have allowed the invention of invisible or near-invisible braces.

One of these innovations is the brace made out of clear ceramic, which resembles the traditional brace, however the brackets are less visible due to the transparent material they are made out of. The ceramic brackets stay in all day.

There are also removable invisible braces, which are aligners made out of thin plastic. They are moulds made from the patient’s teeth.

A respected manufacturer of the removable, transparent plastic braces is Invisalign. A dentist can offer various treatment packages for Invisalign in Sydney CBD. There are many benefits of Invisalign treatment.


These braces are made out of transparent plastic, which makes them almost unnoticeable compared to other methods of teeth straightening. This makes them suitable for everyone who would like to straighten their teeth, but would not like traditional braces.

 Improved Comfort

The material Invisalign braces are made out of is a plastic with a very smooth surface. The braces are personalised, which means that Invisalign is one of the most comfortable methods of teeth straightening.

Invisalign Digital Scanning

Before beginning the treatment using Invisalign in Sydney CBD, a 3D digital scan is recorded from the patient’s oral cavity with the Invisalign iTero Scan and Simulation.

This is a painless, non-invasive procedure with minimal discomfort. The digital imaging procedure does not produce any ionising radiation, which makes it a safer alternative of X-ray based imaging.

Improved Hygiene

As the Invisalign braces are removable, teeth can be brushed every day during the treatment, with minimal effort and without the extra care needed to brush teeth with permanent braces.

The aligner itself can be cleaned too, which makes it a very hygienic technology for teeth straightening.

No Food Restrictions

Invisalign does not come with food restrictions, as the aligners are removable, and can be cleaned. With Invisalign you have the freedom to eat whatever you like!

Time Efficient

Once manufactured and fitted, Invisalign braces require some maintenance by your dental team only every six weeks on average, which can save you a good few dentist appointments.

The flexibility that comes with these braces is an undeniable benefit alongside the numerous other positives, proving how advanced the technology is.

Invisalign is a very useful technology that has made many people’s life easier with its benefits, however it is important to note that as it is an orthodontic treatment it might cause mild discomfort, due to the pressure every orthodontic treatment applies on the teeth in order to straighten them.

Some patients might be required to wear attachments made from a material that has the same colour as the patient’s teeth. It is important to consult with your dentist and find out whether the Invisalign treatment is right for you. What works for one person may not work for you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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