The Dangers Of Having Crooked Teeth

The first pressing concern for those with crooked teeth issues is that of how misaligned teeth adversely impacts the aesthetics of their dental appearance. Granted, an attractive smile is key to having the confidence to grab life by the proverbial horns. Without the required self-confidence, one lives at best, a shadow of a life.

An attractive smile serves many useful functions and can be considered a great blessing. An aligned smile encourages the wearer to smile more often which gives rise to a number of highly desirable outcomes. Persons who smile readily are thought to exemplify sought after positive personality traits such as competence, compassion, a leader, friendliness, warmth and intelligence.

In addition to persuading others to think well of the one who smiles, the actual act of smiling sets off a positive chain reaction in the brain. Tricked into thinking it is happy, the brain produces more good-feeling endorphins like serotonin that helps in the experience of feeling more happy and joyful. The positive effects of smiling are not reserved to the self but embrace all those who are smiled at too which is where the infectious effect comes into play.

But it is not just the look of a misaligned smile that is concerning to dental practitioners as there is a myriad of other undesirable consequences that are linked to crooked teeth. Without appropriate orthodontic support from reliable dental clinics such as Clear Braces Direct London, patients are at risk of developing additional oral health complications.

Common Undesirable Consequences Of Misaligned Teeth

  • Oral hygiene challenges

Uneven teeth make brushing and flossing an uphill battle with patients struggling to get toothbrush bristles and floss thread in between tight spaces and awkward corners to get rid of trapped food and bacteria. Without effective daily brushing and flossing, patients will find it hard to keep their teeth free of tooth-destroying plaque. Not only does plaque build-up put teeth health at risk, but this unwanted layer formed on teeth also leads to gum inflammation and gum disease.

  • Chewing difficulties and poor digestion

Nutritional deficiencies are another worrying consequence of not having teeth properly aligned. With teeth not in proper alignment, patients may experience bite and chewing difficulties. Food that is not broken down properly in the mouth hinders an effective digestion process thereby putting the patient at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies.

  • Excessive tooth wear

An uneven bite (when teeth jut out of position) can be physically taxing on teeth, causing excessive wear and tear on teeth. Over time this undue pressure weakens enamel and heightens the risk of chipped and broken teeth.

  • Facial pain

Another consequence of upper and lower dental arches not being in natural alignment is that this can bring about excessive pain in the jaw as well as gums and teeth.

  • Risk of bad breath

One of the major problems of not being able to clean teeth effectively is that bad bacteria is allowed to linger on teeth and gums and give off a foul-smelling odour.

For more information on the negative impact of teeth misalignment or for a comprehensive orthodontic assessment, get in touch with Clear Braces Direct.

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