What Can A Dentist Do For Me?

Unfortunately, when you’re experiencing discomfort with your teeth or unhappy with how they look, you might not always make the time to see a dentist Harley Street. Maybe the pain is only minimal and you’re convinced it will clear up on its own, or maybe you don’t think there is anything you can do to feel more confident about your smile. There are plenty of services provided at dental practices to help get your mouth in the best possible shape.

Dental Hygiene And Sensitive Teeth

Two of the main causes of toothache are bad dental hygiene and sensitive teeth. Over time, as you go about your day and eat whatever you like, plaque may start to build on your teeth. Although it is important to brush and floss daily, it is just as important to have your teeth professionally cleaned in order to reach all the areas your brush can’t. Doing this will also keep you safe from gum disease and bad breath.

There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy ice cream on a warm day and being stopped by a shooting pain in your teeth. The main cause of teeth sensitivity is enamel erosion, which is when the hard protective surfaces of the teeth are worn down. If you visit a dental clinic, it is likely that you will have a personalised plan set up for you to combat the erosion and sensitivity.

Dental Implants

If you’ve lost teeth, you might be reading this article hoping to find out an answer. The good news is, you don’t have to stay unhappy with your smile and there are lots of ways to regain your confidence. Dental implants are designed to work and look exactly like your real teeth. They are titanium screws that are placed tightly into your jaw, supporting the bone and tissue that is constantly moving and changing there. To the untrained eye, it is almost impossible to notice the artificial teeth. This is a dentistry service that keeps on giving after fitting, due to the fact that implants help support bone growth and structure, making sure your face never looks drawn and hollow.


If you’re unhappy with the alignment of your teeth, but are not really interested in traditional metal braces, this segment is for you. Invisalign are invisible aligners that straighten the teeth by moving them slowly and subtly into position. They are completely removable, meaning that you can clean your teeth with ease and do not have to change your diet to make the trays more comfortable. There is no metal in the braces, so you will face minimal discomfort and have no sharp edges in your gums. This is a fast and efficient way to get the smile you desire!

Teeth Whitening

So, now you have all your teeth, they’re completely straight; but there is something missing. You aren’t happy with the colour. How about trying some teeth whitening? You can whiten your teeth at a clinic or in the comfort of your own home, making this treatment completely accessible for everyone!

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