What Do Orthodontists Do?

Orthodontists Liverpool deal with a special type of treatment that focuses on correcting the alignment of teeth in adults and children. Patients are offered several different types of treatment and these include metal braces, clear braces and invisible braces. It is estimated that approximately one third of children in the UK require braces in their lifetime, therefore orthodontists have a very busy job!

What Treatments Are Available?

Metal braces are the most traditional and popular form of treatment available with an orthodontist. They are most commonly used for children and young adults who have their orthodontic treatment performed under the NHS. Metal braces aim to align the teeth and straighten the crookedness to ensure that teeth are not overcrowded in the jaw.

Braces also help to strengthen the jawline, give structure to the teeth and improve the overall health of the teeth. In addition the aligned teeth change a patient’s smile to give them a confidence boost, whilst also enhancing their facial appearance.

The benefits of having metal braces are that they are covered under the NHS, but they are also available privately. They are considered the most cost effective method of aligning crooked teeth.

The metal braces are also very strong and durable and therefore less likely to break or get damaged. Often patients complain of soreness where the metal rubs against the gums, however this is something that can be easily treated by using gels.

Patients are usually required to undergo a treatment plan that lasts about 12-18 months and sometimes up to 24 months depending on the patient’s individual circumstances. This is something discussed in further detail at the initial consultation by the specialist.

Once patients complete their alignment treatment, they are usually given retainers for an additional 6-12 months to ensure that the teeth remain in their aligned positioning and to prevent them from moving back to their original places. It is essential that patients take care to use their retainers as prescribed by their specialist to avoid misalignment from occurring.

Another popular orthodontic treatment that patients opt for is Invisalign. This is not available under the NHS and patients will need to pay privately for this treatment.

Invisalign is often a 6 month treatment and patients can start seeing results in a matter of weeks. Most adult patients opt for Invisalign as they consist of clear trays and are therefore not visible when they are in the mouth and not unsightly.

They are comfortable to wear and are a snug fit and do not cause soreness or rubbing against the gums like metal braces often do. Patients have a positive experience with using Invisalign, as it improves their smile and gives them confidence whilst being discreet.

At the initial consultation the orthodontists will go through the procedure thoroughly with the patient to ensure that Invisalign is the correct treatment for them, including instructions of how to look after the Invisalign aligner. Patients must ensure that the trays are cleaned thoroughly after each use to avoid any build-up of bacteria in the teeth and gums.

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