Why Are Smile-Enhancing Treatments So Popular?

Findings from a Harris Poll have indicated that aesthetic dental treatments have outstripped other non-surgical treatments in demand by image-conscious consumers. The survey revealed that 43 per cent of the adults interviewed admitted to desiring to improve the look of their teeth by consulting with a cosmetic dentist in Bromley for teeth brightening procedures, teeth straightening, or treatment plans for veneers.

Respondents cited various reasons for their appearance-enhancing goals with 43 per cent wanting to boost self-esteem and confidence, 35 per cent wanting to look as good on the outside as they felt within, 22 per cent wanting to combat ageing and another 22 per cent wanting to look younger.

While the end goal of all cosmetic dental treatments is primarily focussed on contributing to a confidence-inspiring sunny smile, they have an equally important secondary goal (from a patient’s perspective) – that of aiding and abetting a healthy mouth. And a healthy mouth, according to the Oral Health Foundation, is a prized personal asset.

Factors That Contribute To The Popularity Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The factors that have encouraged the rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry are not all down to the pressures of society to appear confident or look good. The dental industry has evolved over the years to introduce new and better technologies, and affordable and faster treatment plans. Cosmetic dentistry no longer falls within the realms of only the rich and famous.

The desire to look good for special occasions marks one of the most common reasons for opting for a cosmetic dental treatment. Weddings, anniversary celebrations, holidays, red carpet occasions, birthdays and even the job interview are all worthy occasions that call for the best-looking smile.

People who need to restore missing teeth, repair broken teeth, or who need to strengthen the integrity of the dental arches also add to the demand for cosmetic dentistry.    

The wish to make a positive first impression is another contributing factor. Whether it is to secure a job or impress a potential romantic partner or find acceptance within a social group. Seeing that making a good first impression is so highly significant, it is quite understandable why any endeavours to create it are so remarkably strong.

It is a universal truth that confidence breeds success and for that all-importance confidence, it helps if one is deemed to be attractive. There cannot be physical attractiveness without a beautiful smile and thus another reason for the spike in cosmetic dental treatments.

The video call has certainly played its fair share in the need for cosmetic dental treatments. The convenience of the video call has cemented its place in the array of modern communication tools. This is made obvious by the plethora of video-calling apps available today, from Zoom, Skype, Google Duo to Whatsapp video calls. Distant face-to-face communication has been so delightfully convenient. We use video calls for learning instruction, business conferences, virtual team meetings and to keep in touch with friends and family.

The rise in patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments does not come from just the younger generation. Having good-looking teeth is also a way to hold on longer to a youthful appearance, which is why many older patients have opted to brighten their teeth or hide imperfections with veneers.

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